Inżynieryjno Techniczni - Test próbny BHP online - pytania i odpowiedzi do egzaminu

1 . Supervision and control over compliance with labor law is exercised by:

2 . An accident at work is any event:

3 . The employer must ensure that the worker is trained in health and safety at work:

4 . The employer must provide personal protective equipment to the employee:

5 . Industrial dust is a factor:

6 . Work at altitude above 1 m above floor or ground level is included in the work:

7 . Dangerous factors are factors whose impact on a worker leads or can lead to:

8 . What does the CE marking mean on the machine?

9 . Personal protective equipment and work clothes and footwear are assigned to staff:

10 . The maximum blowing air temperature, at the supply level of 3 m from the floor, shall not exceed: