Pracownik Służby Zdrowia - Test próbny BHP online - pytania i odpowiedzi do egzaminu

1 . Supervision and control over compliance with labor law is exercised by:

2 . The hiring of women in prohibited works is:

3 . The types of personal protective equipment whose use in workstations is necessary shall be determined by:

4 . The basic standard of working time of 7 hours 35 minutes per day applies to:

5 . The ionizing radiation on which medical professionals are exposed is classified as:

6 . The illumination in the surgeries should not be less than:

7 . One of the primary methods of prevention of hospital infections is:

8 . During exposure to laser radiation the most exposed organs are:

9 . For every hour of readiness to provide health services, medical staff employee during medical service is entitled to a salary of:

10 . A collective accident at work shall be deemed to be an accident which, as a result of the same event, has been injured at least: