Nauczyciel i Opiekun w Żłobku i Przedszkolu - Test próbny BHP online - pytania i odpowiedzi do egzaminu

1 . Supervision and control over compliance with labor law is exercised by:

2 . An accident at work is any event:

3 . Periodic medical examinations shall be subject to:

4 . For a holiday of recovery of health can only apply a teacher whose seniority in the school is at least:

5 . The temperature of the premises in which the school classes take place should be at least:

6 . What is occupational risk?

7 . Responsibility for the health and safety of work at school shall be borne by:

8 . The proceeds of financial penalties may be earmarked:

9 . An employee suspected of having an occupational disease should go to:

10 . The operating environment psychophysical factors include: